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Discover The Chronocatz NFT Collection

Chronocats are a unique collection of NFTs that grant you access to a private wealth club.

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Whitelist mint ends in:

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Mint Price: 1 Cat = 0.11 ETH

Total Sold: 3607

Public Sale



The Chronocatz Society

Real world utility with web3 integration

Your unique Chronocat NFT is your pass into the Chrono Wealth Club a community limited to 7,777 members. Earn passive income from extra staking bonuses, get early access to exclusive watch drops and access private auctions

Your Chronocat will provide you exclusive access to networking events, merch and parties in the real and digital world. Use your Chronocat NFT avatar to unlock special features and rooms in the Chronoly marketplace and ecosystem.


Features Of The Chrono Wealth Club

We are launching the world’s first watch concierge service and watch collectors club which is exclusive to Cat NFT holders. Grow your wealth and network through a number of members only areas of the ecosystem.



Chronocatz NFT holders can use their NFTs to get discounts on trading, storage and insurance fees and extra staking reward bonuses.


Private Auctions

Chronocatz gain access to private watch auctions and exclusive NFT drops days before they are available on the Chronoly marketplace.



Dedicated watch concierge service and private members club, Chronocatz have a dedicated account manager who is on call 24/7.


Exclusive Events

Your Chronocat grants you access to exclusive watch networking events and parties in the real world and metaverse.

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Our NFTs Are More Than Just A Picture

Each Chronocat NFT is hand drawn by our team of artists with over 200 unique and original traits including hats, clothes, eyes, fur and many more. The number one trait that determines the rarity of your cat is the watch, the rarer the watch the rarer the NFT

Your cat will give you special perks in the Chronoly marketplace and ecosystem. Our perks run on a tiering system from 1-6, for example if you have an ultra-rare Chronocat which is tier 1 you benefit from 0% trading fees, 168hrs priority access to marketplace drops, extra staking bonus of 5%, voting rights and many more.

We Are Pioneering Luxury Watch Ownership And Lifestyle

Access a number of exclusive benefits and Chronocatz member areas, cat holders will need to be logged into their metamask wallet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. NFTs can represent real-world items like artwork and real estate.

Yes, all of these Chronocats NFTs have utilities based on a tiering system, the higher the tier the higher the benefits and discounts.

The public mint price will be 0.11 ETH, approximately $170

There are a total of 7,777 NFTs available to mint

Yes! every Chronocat has unique traits/attributes, the rarer the watch the rarer the NFT and more perks the Chronocat has.

You will be able to view your NFT instantly after you have minted the NFT to your wallet.

You will be able to trade you Chronocatz NFTs on OpenSea.

You can mint a maximum of 6 Chronocatz during phase (1 private sale). You will be able to mint a maximum of 8 Chronocatz during phase 2 (whitelist sale). During the public mint, there will not be a limit on the amount of NFTs you can mint.